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PANTHER PICTURES announces plans for 2016 and Beyond


Panther Pictures February 2015, updated June 2016

Panther Pictures, Mailbox Productions, and Idle Wild Films, Inc., have come together to begin financing the production of "Citizen Max: Academic Malfeasance". Erika Cohn directing. Dwight Galbraith, whose past experience includes the ABC TV series Castle, is attached to direct principal photography. Ted Hann (Step by Step) is in charge of casting.

Citizen Max: Academic Malfeasance, the new comedy coming from Panther Pictures. Follow us @PantherPictures on Instagram and Twitter, and @PantherPicturesLLC on Facebook.



Panther Pictures January 2013

The LDS Film Festival kicked off in the shadow of the Sundance Institute, in Orem, UT, today. Our latest short will be part of the festival in a Special Screening Thursday, January 24th at noon, with a planned Q&A after the screening featuring members of the cast!

​​POLITICAL FALLOUT screens at the 2013 LDSFF

PANTHER PICTURES winters in Pennsylvania


Panther Pictures June 2012 Updated July 2013

Panther Pictures has operated out of Orange, CA, since 2006.  In 2012 we said goodbye to the Sunshine State to get to know the people and places of Coal Country.  A bittersweet, and ultimately temporary, exodus.  In July, 2013, the production company relocated again to Toole County, California, and currently operates out of Porterville, with corporate headquarters in Cedar City, UT.


Panther Pictures May 2012

Panther Pictures premieres our latest short at the Kala Eatery's 2012 Summer Night At The Movies.  Join us in Gardena, CA for a very special night.


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