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Director:  Eric Player

Screenwriter:  Eric Player

Genre:  Documentry-Style Comedy/Satire

The political news-magazine RagTalk interviews public figures about the recent turn of events in the world: the Return of the Son of God. Powerful figures in politics and religion try to deal with the idea that they really don't matter anymore. Bruised egos unable to be put aside, the world soon finds itself hurling toward something more re-defining than that surprising day in the Valley of Armageddon.

A religious/political satire with, at its core, the idea that perhaps humanity will inevitably destroy itself--but that we don't have to. We could, if we wanted to, turn from our more craven natures and choose NOT to let the world go to hell. The black comedy/pathos of the hypothetical presented in "Political Fallout," however, is that it seems even God won't stop us from choosing destruction, if that's what we are so determined to choose. After all, He can always start over.


Director:  Kevin M. Slee

Producers: John Badham, James Cox, Kevin M. Slee, Eric Player, Courtney Mock

Screenwriter:  Kevin M. Slee

Genre:  Shock Drama

How far will one man go to mend a broken heart...

Jonathan has been waiting for this moment all his life.  Today's Girl was just on her way to where she needed to be that day.  Neither one of them are going to get what they want from their lives.  Not today.


Director:  Kanarose Oonhateparuk

Screenwriters:  Kanarose Oonhateparuk, Eric Player

Genre:  Family

A spoiled teenager returns to the land of her father, and learns from her grandmother how fortunate she truly is to be loved. Along the way, she learns that it is important to not only take what you can from the world, but also to give of yourself to others, to love each other, and that the heritage she has been given is more important than anything.


Director:  Rick Curnutt

Producers: Xavier O'ryan, Eric Player, Josh Virnick

Screenwriter:  Rick Curnutt, Bubba Murray

Genre:  Drama

Walter Tanner Jr. is done with handouts, he's done with his privileged past, and he's done with having to answer to people. Realizing the value of hard work, Walter sets off on the road to the American dream, in a lunch truck. Together, Walter and his friend Casey serve the working people of LA, while Walter struggles with the realities of business and being a fish out of water. Will the struggle prove to be too much?


Seth will never be able to give his daughter everything, but he can still give her his best.

Director:  Roger Ramer

Producer: Eric Player

Screenwriter: Roger Ramer

Genre:  Family

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